Nov 222010

On Thursday I spotted the big difference between my style the end of October (when things were going great) and November. I plugged that leak and had a small win on Friday. I wrote on the Pokernews forum that I plugged my big leak but I guess I was wrong. Saturday/Sunday were the 2 worst days of this month. Did I fix something to make it even worse? I have no idea, but November is killing me.

I’ve played 182k hands in 129 hours, earned 107,5k VPPs and lost $10.911,50.

I paid $12.592,50 in rake what means that I still slightly beat the game without rake. Last year Oct – Dec were my best months of the year but not this year. I always like the end of the year (3 years in a row) because a lot of players needed to earn that extra bit of VPPs to get SNE or a huge milestone. They played more tables then they were used to, or played above their normal stakes. I kept doing what I was always doing, so could profit from those players.

This year most regs are probably just better then I am. When 6 regs are sitting on each table and I still beat the fish then it’s probably about right I’m barely beating the rake. I’m in a way happy I’m still beating the game but it’s the bare minimum. The last two days hit me hard since I was doing fine till about 00:00, both days I was up about $500. Probably most regs who beat my ass come online around that time, since both days I lost about $2k from that moment on. I can’t play during the day since there are not enough tables and I can’t move down because then I won’t reach SNE. That’s what I always did and I was never to stubborn to move down and always find my way up, this has to wait till next year I guess.

Quitting is no option, that would only cost more money. Unfortunately I can already conclude that this year sucks despite the fact I’m going to reach SNE. I could blame myself that I didn’t play more when things were still going good, but the whole plan was to play more during the period I normally earned the most. Some people might think that going for SNE might be the reason why things are going so bad but I really believe that things wouldn’t have gone a different way. Sure I could have moved down and won money. But the total sum would have probably been lower in the end, knowing the value of SNE.

My dad used to say: “Working hard won’t kill you”. And that’s exactly how I see it. At the end of this year I’ve worked 50+ hours for 45 weeks but I’m still smiling. At least I can say I did earn money, I know there are plenty of pokerplayers who go broke every year and I’m for sure not one of them. The coming 5,5 weeks I’m going to crunch out those last VPPs. I’m surprised how fit I am every day when playing, the fact that I don’t drink any alcohol probably has a lot to do with that. I’m still ready to play poker every day, I don’t think my mental state could be any better. In December I will allow myself some fun again and starting January it will all be about fun. What I’m going to do next year I still don’t know but I doubt I’ll quit poker this easy 🙂

Edit: For some who might wonder:I haven’t been contacted to become a Team Online Pro, all finalist should have been contacted before the 20th. Why did I pick up blogging just now again? More bad beats 🙂

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