Oct 262010

No long stories this time, but just a short update. At this moment I’m at 737.000 VPPs which is almost 80.000 behind pace. That’s more then I calculated but as stated before: “Not getting SNE is no option”.

For this week I have another 13K VPPs planned. On Saturday I will have a big Halloween party to let myself out of the house after day in day out grinding (I still work part-time as well). November will be a sick month, I need 150k VPPs which is only possible if I grind 6 days a week(way more then 40 hours). I will grind all the weekends except the last one, since on that Saturday I will go to Awakenings, for me the best (techno) party in the Netherlands and I’m already looking forward to that!

December will be another 100k, since I only had more then 100k VPPs in January (when I still played $15/$30) and hopefully November, this will not be that easy. I do however expect I can pretty much laugh at these last 100k, wow what a year! I’m still planning not to play any higher then $5/$10, but if needed I can move up and get VPPs faster. Currently the speed update (they reduced the time before the next hand is dealt) of the normal tables have helped me a lot. I now play 1400+ hands/hr which was roughly 1250 before.

I got a complete schedule for the rest of the year which tells me every day how many VPPs I need to get. This maybe sounds like I’m way over my head, but this is actually kind of what I had in mind. I rather prefer taking some time of during the summer and work hard at the end of the year then vice verse.

My girlfriend isn’t really happy with it all, so that’s why I already booked a trip to Florida/Bahamas starting the 2nd of January. I will first visit Orlando, drive to Miami and then fly to the PCA to play the $10.000 event. This also helps the chase as I can’t wait to finish it all to go on my first holiday with my girlfriend!

I have loads of stories from my Las Vegas trip, I have lots of stuff to write about my SNE chase in general but I really don’t feel like making a long blogpost (I also have to eat now and play poker right after). I will be happy to continue with a “good” blog from the 1st of January, but at this time I’m either playing or need my time to relax. Hopefully I can do another short blog somewhere in November. If you really interested I suggest to add me on Twitter, since I do give daily updates over there.

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