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November! The great month. As I wrote in my last blog, all I do this month is play poker! I had no issues at all with the fact I had to play a lot, I do however have issues with the fact that I cry myself to sleep almost every day!

The last 3 weeks of October were great and I saw no reason why this wouldn’t continue. Play a lot, make some money, that was the idea. I probably play bad but today was a perfect example of the daily pain I’ve been feeling this month.

The day started okay but soon it went downhill. I struggled all night long with ups and downs and when it was almost time to quit at 06:30 I’m finally in the green again. As I’ve been losing almost every day this month, I was extremely happy with the fact I grinded my way up again. Still fit, I motivated myself to do the last 1.000 VPPs of the day. At first I win some more and then the shit hits the fan! I manage to lose almost $700 in just 30 minutes and all hands were 100% coolers. There is just one small pot which I could have played different, all the others are just bad luck.

I didn’t come to tell you about my bad beats but this is part of my SNE chase and it doesn’t make things easier. I’m still really motivated to play cause I just want to get SNE this year but without that, I would have stopped playing a week ago. I’m nowadays happy with losing sessions of less then 4 digits and that’s not the way I want to play poker.

When I was still slightly up today I was thinking about giving a small November update. Not knowing I would be frustrated so sorry for the bitching. I want to stay positive and the only reason how I can still be positive is with the volume I’ve put in this month. From all the days I planned to play poker I skipped one but that was 100% a smart decision as I was really tired after playing a lot of poker but also working hard. The statistics so far this month:

Hands Played: 133.074
Hours Played: 98.42
Hands/Hour: 1352.15
VPPs: 79.128

Total VPPs:  837.015
Behind Pace: 36.958

I was aiming for 150K VPPs this month and I’m on pace to get 145K. That would leave me at 905K VPPs on the 1st of December and then it’s really just the last bits of the year. I lost about $6.500 so far this month and I wasn’t planning to lose another 🙁 I’m happy with anything better then the last two weeks and it’s now really time to sleep!

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  1. I had a very similar graph two days ago.
    Last 300 hands I started with AA on KKA board which I lost !!!
    From that point on I lost about 10 showdowns with the exact same way.
    I bet river and I am 10 times raised (or check raised) from a hand which was just improved.
    I think 3-4 out of these 10 times the oppo made a set on the river!!!
    Anyhow you either smash your computer, or keep going…
    Tbh I quit the seasion, no way to continue, but there is a positive thing coming out of this sh..t.
    I found out that if you really want to improve as a person -I would like to- poker gives you a great opportunity.
    Just watch yourself how you react when these bad beats happen.
    If you want-the majority doesn’t care-you can learn alot about yourself and you can fix a lot of leaks
    on a different battlefield.

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