Oct 212011

On the 19th of October PokerStars will add a new type of tournament to the already wide variety available called Time Tourneys. The huge advantage of Time Tourneys are pretty straight forward, you know when they end! I think there is a large group of poker players who are always having the same doubts before registering for a tourney. It starts at 21:00 but at what time does it end? 8 hours later in the tournament you find yourself busting just before the final table and there is only 1 hour sleep left before your alarm goes off. Try again tomorrow? or maybe it’s better to get that good night sleep this time? With Time Tourneys you don’t have to make that choice.

These tourneys are not only for the “amateur” poker player. It also brings a whole new aspect in playing tournaments, there is no bubble and you get paid for the amount of chips you gathered after a set amount of time. That means the constant gathering of chips should be your main focus but meanwhile you should also make sure not to lose to much chips near the end of the tourney since there might not be any time left to recover. Lot’s of Tournaments players have switched to cash-games, mainly because it gives you the ability to start and stop whenever you like. Time Tourneys are that perfect blend, you are still playing a tournament but this time when you tell your girlfriend you are almost done, at least you are not lying 😉

I’ve always played on PokerStars and it’s no secret I’m a big fan of their software. PokerStars keeps working on adding new features and I’m really looking forward to try this one out myself. On Saturday the 22nd of October a new tournament will be added to the weekly schedule, called the “Saturday Countdown”. The tournament has a $22 Buy-in with a weekly guarantee of $10.000 and a Double guarantee on the 29th of October! Time Tourneys will have a huge range of buy-ins, starting from $1 and have a set amount of time anywhere between 15 and 180 minutes.

Check the PokerStars Lobby and website for more information!

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