Feb 142012

So in Part 1 I left you when I was leaving the Bahamas. My trip continued at Aruba where my girlfriend was already waiting on me at the airport. We had two weeks of doing “nothing” ahead of us. First one week at Aruba and then we flew to Curacao for another week of relaxing.

On Aruba we had to walk 100 meter from our apartment to the beach, now that’s what I call ideal. I brought the Game of Thrones books, Song of Ice & Fire and we had a pretty simple daily schedule: Breakfast, Beach, Lunch, Beach, Dinner, Bed and repeat!

Aruba is a beautiful Island with great beaches and big “American” style hotels. We had a more cozy low-rise apartment (Amsterdam Manor Beach) because I always prefer an apartment above an hotel but there are plenty of good resorts to choose from. It’s 30 degrees all year round and because there is almost always a breeze it’s just so nice to be around the beach all day long. The food was great at most places as well although pretty expensive. We had two great restaurants attached to our resort and around the high-rise hotels there was a big variety of restaurants to choose from. The best restaurant we went to was Blossoms, a Japanese & Chinese Restaurant in the Westin Resort where we had one of our best Sushi ever.

Unfortunately the next day around diner time I got really sick. I have no clue if it was because of the Sushi but it was a sort of food poisoning for sure. I had to visit the toilet more often than a person would like during and the worst thing was that we had to fly out to Curacao the next day. At night there would have been no way I would have been without a toilet for more than 30minutes but in the morning I felt a little better luckily. Still I had to “survive” a trip to the airport first and then later on the flight to Curacao. I opted to delay my flight for one day, waited till the last possible moment before going to the airport but I figured that feeling sick on the day I was flying anyway was better than any other day. At the airport I strolled around a little bit and when I walked over to the gate I didn’t see a plane at the gate. I never heard of Insel Air so checked out what logo their planes had and when I found out I saw this tiny aircraft a bit further away from the gate. Trust me, when feeling miserable this wasn’t what I was hoping for!

The plane fit 15 people but only when piled up in a specific way. There was no stewardess, no safety instructions and that worst thing of all, no toilet! The flight only took 30 minutes but we still had to wait a little before taking off. I also expected a lot more turbulence in such a small airplane and since my stomach really can’t handle turbulence I was pretty nervous. In the end this 30minute flight was probably the best flight I ever had. The plane stayed pretty close to the ground so you have a beautiful view of both Aruba and Curacao, we had zero turbulence and when I landed on Curacao I felt really relieved.

Unfortunately on Curacao the weather wasn’t as great as on Aruba but for a rainy day I had downloaded the TV-Series Homelands and some movies. We finished Homelands in one day (I would recommend it!), watched Crazy, Stupid, Love (brilliant movie) and I finished the first book of Song of Ice & Fire. I’m about halfway now in the second book and I just can’t wait for the new season of Game of Thrones! Unfortunately I have to wait till the 1st of April (no joke!). I had already visited Curacao before and the hotel (Lion’s Dive) we stayed in is just such a relaxing place. The Dutch Olympic Swimming Team were staying in our resort as well, training twice a day in the official 50m pool which was pretty fun to watch. These 3 weeks were really fantastic, I doubt I ever felt so well rested and spending two weeks away with my girlfriend in such beautiful places was really an awesome way to start the year.

Stay tuned because on Thursday I’ll post another blog with a lot of Poker related updates!

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