Sep 032012
Almost 30!

In two weeks time I’m turning 30. I doubt I’ll make another blog before that because I have a pretty packed schedule. 30 sounds old (to me), it is probably old for a poker player but I’m already certain it’s going to be a great year because I’ve already planned a lot of fun stuff. […]

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Aug 272012
Why do we fall sir? (15th in the Sunday Million)

The last couple of weeks I again hardly played any poker. Sometimes it feels like I have to move on and fully focus on my career, on the other hand the poker player is still in me, I just can’t find the motivation and time to grind next to my other activities. Work is soaking […]

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A healthy hangover

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Jul 022012
A healthy hangover

I probably still have enough alcohol in my blood to fail an alcohol test but it was worth it! Last week I watched most matches of the Euro Championship and for the finals me and a bunch of my friends wanted to watch it in an Italian restaurant where some of my friends used to work. […]

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This might work out after all

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Jun 242012
This might work out after all

It’s just one week after my previous blog in which I said I wanted to change a lot of stuff and most of it actually already happened. Sure it’s only one week but I’m motivated and don’t really have to keep myself away from “breaking bad”. I went to the gym almost every day except Tuesday, […]

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Time for change! (Yes again)

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Jun 182012
Time for change! (Yes again)

I haven’t blogged in a long time but I don’t really feel like catching up on all things I’ve done since my last blog. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that I’ve enjoyed myself during this period, life is great but it really is time to look a bit further down […]

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