Jan 202010
Motivation is the key

Tuesday, time for a new blog! A very busy week, but that’s nothing new and also something that won’t change the coming months. Let’s go straight to poker. After last Tuesday’s session I was in the green for the month again. I just want to log as many hours whenever I can, so on Wednesday […]

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Jan 122010
Though games & very busy with social activities

So it’s definitely time for a new blog. I’ll just pick up where I left, which was Tuesday. As said I went to the gym in the evening to do some exercise. I only cycled an hour, but it’s a start and better then just sitting at home. Since I want to put hands in whenever […]

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Jan 052010
Up & Down

So it’s about time for a new blog. Like in the old days when I was doing my Las Vegas blogging, get some popcorn and coke, this is going to be a long one! After writing my blog on Saturday I watched some episodes of Entourage S3 and jumped behind my computer at 15:30. I […]

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Jan 022010
First Session of the Year

So the fact that I’m typing a blog now, means that I’m actually going to blog my poker year. I’m not sure if it’s wise, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I can always quit if I don’t feel like doing it anymore. New Years Eve was a blast. A friend had […]

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