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So the fact that I’m typing a blog now, means that I’m actually going to blog my poker year. I’m not sure if it’s wise, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I can always quit if I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

New Years Eve was a blast. A friend had organized a party with about 50 people who I almost all know. I love to celebrate new year with as many people as I know and a lot of people who I normally hang out with were there. I didn’t drink for a long time and after a lot of beer I popped my bottle of champagne about 20 secs before 00:00. We wrapped up the party at 05:00 and I think most people were completely wasted. I expected a major headache in the morning, but to my surprise it wasn’t that bad. I did stay in bed till 17:00, but that’s pretty normal for me.

After making myself a little dinner I opened up PokerStars and to my surprise there were plenty of tables $3/$6 and above. I fired up 24 tables and kept playing for almost 4 hours. I was at -$1000 after 3500 hands, but somehow things turned around and I finished my session with +$476,50 after 5000 hands. It was time for a short break, which means sitting on the couch watching TV-Series. Currently I’m watching Entourage Season 3 and I love it!

Back to the tables around 01:15 and even more tables were open. I only fired up the $5/$10+ tables and I could 20table. Now that’s something I would like to see the whole year, as VPPs were flying around. Also this session I started with a downer of about $1200, but managed to run well at the $15/$30 tables and finished the sessions after 2800 hands and +$891,00.

I closed the PokerStars lobby at 04:00 with a total of 7898 hands, +$1367,50  and 7105.10 VPP which is actually more VPP then I would have made with the old VPP system (7056). This is because $3/$6 and %5/$10 award a little less (1-2%), but $10/$20 and $15/$30 are awarding a lot more (5-6%). Let’s hope plenty of $5/$10 + games keep during the whole year, this will make my SNE chase a lot easier.

For the first, and hopefully not the last time, I’m ahead of Pace 🙂

— Current Status —
2010 VPPs: 7105,10
Ahead of Pace: 4365,10


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  2 Responses to “First Session of the Year”

  1. Mag ik in t Nederlands reageren ?? 😉
    Ik zal ook na Januari evalueren of ik ervoor ga, ik zal het gaan proberen dmv de 6max sngs en steps. Masstablen uiteraard

    Ik blijf je blog volgen, want vond je stukken over Vegas ook altijd heerlijk weglezen
    Gl met je missie

  2. Tuurlijk mag Nederlands ook. Ik zag je al reageren in het SNE 2010 Persuit Topic. Succes man, de meeste SNG/Step spelers hebben wel moeite om nog een decent winrate over te houden. Let goed op je BR zou ik zeggen, maar ook met 0% ROI is SNE wel wat centen waard!

    Good Luck!

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