Jan 172011

I’ve never tried this before but I’m currently writing a blog from my iPhone while in a plane to Newark. I don’t have Internet access but I’m able to save it local and publish it later so why not do this in stead of watching a move I’ve already seen.

This makes me realize more it’s really time for me to buy a portable device and from the suggestions I got on twitter most people advised me to buy an MacBook. The thing is however that I really would like to have pokertracker installed on the laptop as this is a crucial tool for me to play cashgames. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

On Thursday I played the 270+100+30 bounty turbo event and not without success. I started out pretty bad, having a lot of fun but probably playing to tight looking at some others at my table. I was shortstacked for the first 10 levels and I managed to fold twice after losing a pot to an even shorter person before I ended up on the BB where I had to call all-in blind considering my stack. My T2o hit the board and from there on it went fast. 24 people got paid and I had a pretty nice stack when I busted somebody to get my first bounty when only 16 people were left. I had a nice chiplead from that moment and reached the final table also as 1st or 2nd in chips. I busted three people, one with A5 vs AJ for almost my tourney life and we are down to 4handed. For some time we all shove but nobody calls so the chips are only going round and then I bust another player who shoves KJo into my A5. Chipleader and only two more to go!

The best player at the table is short and I’m confident I can beat the other with some help from the deck of course since we are playing turbo event. The shortie shoves 22 into my A3 and holds. Then again the chips go round for some time before the weaker players shoves and I find 77 to go all-in as well. The third player insta-calls unfortunately and it’s A6 vs 77 vs JJ. JJ holds the dealer counts our chips and I have 1k chips less then the winner but do get 2nd for $11k. I didn’t play a single hand heads up and the winner got paid $8k more so heads up we would’ve probably made a deal but that’s life.

I was pretty happy with the result of course and for me it feels like I go home with profit since the main event felt like a freeroll. It wasn’t close to the $2M, but I might give that another try at the EPT finale or WSOP.

I’ll write another blog pretty soon with my 2011 goals so stay tuned 😉 I’m planning to start grinding again on Sunday but might play a bit of poker (Home Games) before that.

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  1. You can just install windows on your MacBook for if you play poker. You still have the slick design and the long batterylife. Or you can use poker co-pilot.

    Anyway, congrats again with the win. Good to see you again, we’ll meet again soon. Ciao!

  2. PokerTracker does make a version for Mac now. I still used bootcamp to run Windows on my Mac when I used to grind on it because I wanted to use TableNinja, and I preferred HEM anyway. That worked great, but if all you care about is PT then I don’t think it would be necessary.

  3. To install Windows I need a copy of Windows 😉 I really like the design of a MacBook and everybody says I should buy one. Might be worth buying HEM on the side so I can also see the difference and maybe even switch.

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