Dec 242010

I’ve considered writing a new blog entry for the past few days but since I’m almost SNE I didn’t. I’ll probably write a big update after the magical moment and will hopefully give an insight in my plans for next year, there could be some surprising elements in that news.

This entry is more a short and fun one. I contacted PokerStars with the question if they could give me an overview of the tournaments I’ve played before 1-1-2009, since I lost them when switching from PokerTracker v2 to 3. I never really missed them but now I know that it’s missing I want to make my database complete again. I got the list of tourneys I entered and retrieved the Tournament Summary via the PokerStars client. I created my account on PokerStars at April 20, 2006 and I played my first tournament on May 1, 2006 which was actually the weekly Pokernews RayADHD tournament. This became the Pokernews League later on and is still going.

I finished in 3rd place which isn’t bad for a first tournament but I was really surprised that almost every name on the list brings back memories. I’ve played with many in live tournaments, some play(ed) poker for a living nowadays and with others I still have contact via Twitter. I’ve added the Summary below, just for giggles 🙂

To wrap it up, I’ll be playing a bit tonight and will celebrate Christmas both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night I will play some more poker and I hope to finish up the rest of my play on Monday and Tuesday. I’m planning to leave 1 VPP left for the Wednesday, get it and drink champagne for the remainder of the evening!

For now I wish you all a Merry Christmas and maybe also already a happy New-Year. Thanks for following and supporting me throughout the year!

PokerStars Tournament #23738752, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $20.00/$2.00 USD
55 players
Total Prize Pool: $1100.00 USD 
Tournament started 2006/05/01 20:00:00 CET [2006/05/01 14:00:00 ET]
Tournament finished 2006/05/01 23:17:04 CET [2006/05/01 17:17:04 ET]
  1: idolaf (Bussum), $330.00 (30%)
  2: beerthuis (Bussum), $220.00 (20%)
  3: Tzen1 (Zandvoort), $132.00 (12%)
  4: fatale popje (Bussum), $110.00 (10%)
  5: Senterian ('s-Gravenzande), $88.00 (8%)
  6: GoodimGod (Amsterdam), $71.50 (6.5%)
  7: boyxavier (Amsterdam), $60.50 (5.5%)
  8: SuzorJ (uithoorn), $49.50 (4.5%)
  9: pokerbussum (Bussum), $38.50 (3.5%)
  10: The_gobba (Baexem(NL)), 
  11: acyk (Rio), 
  12: schuimpie (loosdrecht), 
  13: Baronsengir1 (Akersloot), 
  14: bigblaasmvp (Bussum), 
  15: nielsieb (Amsterdam), 
  16: Lisa_32 ('s-Gravenzande), 
  17: Peut23 (Rotterdam), 
  18: Pokerboer (Harderwijk), 
  19: Olivierjay (Amsterdam), 
  20: Mikelvb (Harderwijk), 
  21: pokerpor (almere), 
  22: BundBobl (Pyrmont), 
  23: mckmo (Amsterdam), 
  24: Sjos de Nos (Nijverdal), 
  25: Exclusive (Amsterdam), 
  26: JanVanOranje (Long Beach, Cal), 
  27: Who is next (Amsterdam), 
  28: Pushloop (Amsterdam), 
  29: RayADHD (Amsterdam), 
  30: pakhuis (Altos (Piaui)), 
  31: kunta101 (bussum), 
  32: StevieT57 (Amsterdam), 
  33: ThaSpy112 (Almere), 
  34: hazzle_1703 (Den Haag), 
  35: PINGAROCA (Jamaica), 
  36: Wallywally (Rotterdam), 
  37: RealWeirdo (Zeist), 
  38: sjhonny (Amsterdam), 
  39: Jeroen26 (Bussum), 
  40: a@ak (PaYs Bas), 
  41: damiii (Rhenoy), 
  42: eunuch1 (Oegstgeest), 
  43: pokerjam_34 (Almere), 
  44: Pokerdevil (Nieuwegein), 
  45: A010A (Rotterdam ech wel), 
  46: G.J.POKKy (brasschaat), 
  47: Foesj (Apeldoorn), 
  48: jeroenromate (Nijverdal), 
  49: Keezch (Amsterdam), 
  50: bitrip (LV), 
  51: AFCAJAX (de arena), 
  52: lunatrick (Nijmegen), 
  53: yorin (paris), 
  54: r0mmelaar (Hilversum), 
  55: vette harry (Bussum), 
You finished in 3rd place.
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