May 312011

So it’s been a long time since my last blog. One reason is the fact that after finishing my last blog, I forgot to save it and I really hate rewriting stuff. Writing a blog for the second time is never as good as the first and I skipped the complete blog in which I had my April results listed and talked about Black Friday. Another reason is that my “other” job has been really busy even more so in combination with the SCOOP. I worked a couple of extra days this month, played loads of SCOOP events and had to host a lot of them as well at various (sometimes crazy) times.

I’m not going to go over the details of the last couple of weeks as I rather look ahead at the moment. Since April my cashgames aren’t running with the same volume as before. This means I can’t play 24 tables and this has totally thrown me of my game. Playing 10 tables bores me way to fast and it leaves me to much time to think about doing something else. Adding lower stakes tables doesn’t really help, as I really can’t focus enough when playing the lower stakes. The tables supposed to be softer but without being able to focus enough, this isn’t really much of a help. The first week after Black Friday the tables were indeed a lot softer but since most “medium/high” stakes players can’t find games of their own stakes running, they have dropped in stakes as well and this makes my own tables harder again. For every game the impact of Black Friday is different but I don’t think the impact on LHE is really good. I don’t really want to comment on all the others games as I don’t play them myself but I heard plenty of people (obviously no Americans) who are happy (short term) with their game becoming a lot softer. There are plenty of opportunities still left in poker to earn money but I’m just not at the right track at the moment. I decided for myself to focus a couple of weeks on playing the SCOOP events, those just finished and in a week I’m flying of to Las Vegas. I have to put in some fresh energy into poker again, re-focus and get my head straight as I think 90% of the issues I have are related to my own mindset. In Vegas I’m planning to decide what my way forward should be. I really can’t comment on that at the moment, not because I can’t but really because I haven’t been putting a lot of thoughts in it myself yet. I bought 4 books to read in Las Vegas, that’s more then my 5 year average! I need to relax, I need to get a good mindset again!

So Vegas it is…. I’m probably skipping the 6-handed LHE event but I’m 100% sure I’m playing the $3.000 Limit event on the 8th of June and 80% confident I will play the $10.000 Limit event on the 15th of June. I will need to run very bad on the Limit Cashgames to give up that opportunity but you never know. I might play a Venetian Deepstack tournament and there is a very slim chance I play a NL WSOP event but I doubt it. I really look forward to playing Limit cashgames every day and if everything goes according to plan my confidence level is sky high before the $10k event starts.

I hope that the temperature isn’t to hot in June (in July it certainly is) so I can start every day at the pool, reading my books 🙂 I’m planning to try and limit the partying to a minimum but I do know a lot of players who are in Las Vegas so I might be tempted in going out once or twice. My travel buddy isn’t really into clubbing so that’s at least a good start to try and behave myself! I really want to relax and it seems weird but Las Vegas is the place for me to do that. In October I partied like crazy in the same town and came back exhausted but that’s only going to happen if I win the $10k event 😉

I’m planning to update my blog very frequent when I’m in Las Vegas but I’ll let you know if this is still the plan when I’m there 😉 I’m going to enjoy the restaurants in Vegas, the pool at the Bellagio (reading my books), playing Limit cashgames at the Bellagio, playing mixed games at the Aria (With Remko Rinkema?), playing the WSOP in the Rio and possible a small party in one of the many fantastic clubs in Vegas. If you are in town as well between the 6th and the 19th of June and you want to meet up, let me know!

See you in Vegas!

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