Mar 062013
Feeling young, getting old.

2,5 weeks ago I grabbed my bike for the first outdoor ride of the year. In those 2,5 weeks I’ve done 7 rides, every day I wake up and go to bed with cycling on my mind and in those 7 rides I have already broken all my personal records. Today I stayed home because I strained my back on Monday after […]

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Feb 042013
Two steps forward, one step back.

My to-do list is packed with stuff and somewhere on the list is writing a blog. There is just so much else to do but I think that it’s important that I write this blog today. I don’t only write it for you readers but also as a bit of self reflection and since I can’t […]

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Jan 212013
So it begins! My 180 day countdown.

After coming back from the PCA it was time to change a lot of things in my day to day life. A couple of weeks ago I already wrote about my 180 days no alcohol propbet, but it’s much more then that! It’s not about the alcohol, it’s more about playing more poker and getting […]

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Jan 182013
Highlights of the PCA2013!

I’m back home and a couple of hours ago it just started to snow! I would love to have spent a couple of more days at the Bahamas, this was probably the best poker trip I had so far. It wasn’t one thing in particular, it was the combination of all things that made it perfect. […]

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Dec 312012
Team Online Contract renewed - Happy New Year!

I’m not going to write a long blog entry at the last day of the year. 2012 was a great year but I’ve already wrote about all the stuff that happened in my previous blogs. I want to talk a little bit about poker and that’s it. I’ll start with the good stuff! My contract with PokerStars Team: […]

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